12:00-18 :00 Mon. Dec. 19, 2011– Sat. Mar. 31, 2012

"Tomorrow is fine"

Concert for those day care program participants.

Connecting through what one can do for others.

One feels it is too heavy burden to carry by oneself alone. But other in one’s neighbor may be able to share it, thus beginning to be connecting.

For an example, one who is tall can reach something for other who is too short to reach.. One who has good sight to put the thread through the eye of the needle for other who can not. One who has a beautiful voice can entertain others.

In such a manner, one different gift can serve others. That might be, first of all, a gift for oneself. But once it is recognized as the gift for others who do not have it. It may be art in some sense if it is used as contribution for society and reached out others. The gift may be sometimes unexpected or what is unwanted. But that is the way the gift may be. Disability and illness may be able to be used as contribution for society and and outreach for others.

As a matter of fact, only if someone is besides with those who are disable or ill, they can create a wonderful artwork as a gift.

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