12:00-18 :00 Tue. July 20 – Tue. December. 28, 2010

"Kirakira Guruguru"

Concert for general public

Work by making use of one's heart.

Some people say, “As I am not good at verbal communication, I am not good at connecting with people.” But they need to be aware that personal interrelationship is not just built by verbal communication. Connection with people is greatly involved in other factors. Any connection may be transitory, for the heart does not remain the same but may change.
It may be able to have such feelings mirrored with colors and forms through artwork. It has nothing to do with the skillfulness of art. at all. There is one here as real as one is. It is one who is honest to oneself.

Work by making use of one's heart.

It is hard work to face up with oneself without self-deception. The power, delicacy, and beauty is as powerful as giving hope and courage to those who appreciate art-work.

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    One Year Around of "Kita-no-mine"

  • Spring ;
    What is beginning to happen to Kita-no-mine. Something is happening. Something may be stirring. It may feel a little bit anxious, but even so, it must be fun even in a little bit of a worrying way.
  • Summer ;
    I am alive and well, cheerful and confident with myself.
    But quietly, I tell only you, I am very sensitive.
  • Fall ;
    Making the circle, go round and round. There are a lot of things to enjoy, aren't there. Let us hold on to this feeling for tomorrow.
  • Winter ;
    Next time I see you, I wonder which face you will show me. For what I want to see is your smiling face. I am anxiously waiting for the next time, waiting in a quiet and warm room for you to appear.
Make full use of the hospital facility as a public space for art and music, even inviting to people from outside of the hospital.