9:00-20:00 Mon. Oct 13 – Mon. Oct 25, 2008

"Reflecting Each Other / Illuminating Each Other" Fall, 2008

Workshop “Human-Shape Art Work” for elementary school students

Preface for the Project Plan

As we live in the midst of stumbling around in difficulties., we need each other 's hands to live life.

The hospital is a place to realize it. It is also a real place to make us feel both how difficult it is and how wonderful it is.

Creating something such as art work is an attempt to take shape of what we receive from the world. It is the formation of our mutual outreach.

It is a project shared with somebody nearby, wondering what he/she is trying to reach and seek with outstretched hands. It is a project filled with hope.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Art work is to meet something unknown deep in our inside.

It happens not only in the creation of art work but also in its observation and personal reflection. It is living life with meaning in its events and our relationships with others.

While we do art work by ourselves, alone or with a few of us together, what we think of and discover must be shown and share with others.

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Workshop “Human-Shape Artwork” for elementary school students.
1. Spread out a large sheet of paper and embrace what you have in your heart. Say to yourself, "I will do artwork having in mind those people who come and see it. I hope to tell them, 'Get better soon!'"
2. First of all, create colors.
Out of red, blue, yellow, and white, many and many various colors can be created. We, all, are good at creating colors. Let us now create very gentle colors.
3. Let us start!
Let us ride, sit, lie down as you like. Trace the shape of someone who you like, trace the shape of the part of the body of someone as you like. Paint such shapes in your favorite colors. "We look as if we were untidy sleepers"
4. Keep putting one on another.
It is becoming more and more beautiful, and even more and more magical.
"It is looking like a fully active and spirit-filled picture. Isn't it magic"
5. Finished.
"Hope you will get well!"